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How to order ?

Do you want to get GoGanja near your home?

Here are 2 solutions:

a) Give our contact to the café, restaurant, grocery... where you want to buy GoGanja so that they contact us.. ( or 0767300055)

b) Send us on the name and address of the café, restaurant, grocery... where you want to buy GoGanja... and we take care of the rest!

Is THC or CBD in GoGanja?

The levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) contained in GoGanja are below the standards allowed by the Swiss Federal Food Act (THC below 200 μg / kg). So you can happily enjoy a GoGanja, and even, according to your desire, several GoGanja a day.. 

What about the material contained in GoGanja?

The water comes from Valais (Switzerland) and is dynamized with the Dileka tube, which, by a mechanical process, gives to the water a similar quality to a waterfall that descends from the mountain.

The hemp contained in GoGanja comes from Switzerland. 

The other ingredients comes either from Switzerland (apple juice, and some plants), either from Europe (lemon and some plants) or Mexico (agave syrup).

All ingredients are organic certified .

Where does the name GoGanja come from? 

The word "Ganja" is a Sanskrit name for the most common cannabis variety, cannabis sativa..  

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